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Criminal Defense

The Law Offices of Mark & Graber PLLC will vigorously protect your rights both now and in the future. The firm will stay in close communication with you throughout the process and keep you updated with recent developments, and is available to you with regard to any questions and concerns. The firm will do everything in its power to turn your objectives into a reality. The firm strives to put itself in the client’s shoes and really empathize with the frustrations and obstacles the client is facing and defend the client accordingly.

In any defense case, the first critical step is to evaluate the evidence against you and identify the elements of the case that are open to challenge. The firm will review all pertinent case law to determine the best options to defend against the charges the client is facing.

Mr. Mark is a seasoned trial lawyer, having handled several criminal cases ranging from traffic violations to felony offenses. Ms. Graber handles any type of traffic violations and misdemeanor cases.

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